Tuesday, April 26, 2016

IIS FTP HA Cluster

Using Clustering for IIS is not ideal as you should really be using NLB but when you are using IIS on a cluster you cannot have both NLB and clustering setup on the same servers. So Microsoft does offer a way to do this via the generic script option within the cluster manager. Microsoft provides the documentation and script templates for both IIS Websites and FTP Sites. However, the script they provide for FTP simply starts and stop the FTP service and does not allow you to control individual FTP sites. For my needs, I needed to be able to failover different FTP sites that used different IP Bindings. The only scripting language supported by clustering is VBScript and documentation on how to work with IIS with VBScript is little to none. It took me a few hours to piece together the following via trial an error but the following script will allow you to control an individual FTP site. Just create one per site and attach to your cluster roles as needed. You could add more health checks this just simply checks to make sure the site is started within IIS and that the FTP service is running.